Fighting the pull towards perfectionism

My name is Kathryn and I am a perfectionist! There, I said it. It’s funny because I never realized it until I became a life coach and started my own business. I found myself wanting to share my insights, thoughts and struggles, but was holding back out of fear it was not good enough, or well, perfect. I have been working on this with my own coach as I strongly believe in the power of coaching or I would not be one!

We explored what was holding me back and I realized that I often want things to be perfect and if they are not, I either stress about them for what feels like forever or I don’t take any action. I quickly learned not taking action as a business owner was getting me nowhere and even though it felt scary, it was necessary to grow, learn and be successful.

I got to wondering, why did I have this need for perfection? What was I really afraid of? Then it hit me, I was scared of being vulnerable and putting myself out there. Sound familiar?

I came to see the desire and quest for perfection was no longer serving me and probably never did. I have learned it is ok to be vulnerable, hell it is GREAT being vulnerable as it reminds me I am human and I now try to embrace it.

There are still times I have an internal dialogue with myself that sounds like this- “I’m scared! Hell no, I am not doing that, what happens if I screwup, if no one likes it? It will be ok, just be authentic. Just trust when you are coming from a genuine place of wanting to share with people it will get to those that can relate. OK, I can do this. I have a lot to share and I am strong. OK, I got this”. Deep breath! Can you relate?

After changing the lens I look at life through, I have decided to step outside of my comfort zone and trust that it will all be ok. What is the big deal if I send something out with a typo, not ideal, but my clients are not going to fire me and my world will not end.

I wanted to share this because even though I am a coach, I continue to work on myself, daily! The goal is not to be perfect, but to just be yourself, be authentic and the rest will fall into place. It just takes a little trust, OK, a LOT of trust and the willingness to be vulnerable. If you you open yourself up to the universe with open arms and surrender, imagine the possibilities.

Would love to hear your struggles, inner dialogue or feelings. Feel free to comment below and you can always email me to talk more at I would love to help you along the crazy journey of life!