Setting Goals for 2017


Happy New Year! 

Whenever a year comes to an end it provides us the perfect opportunity for reflection. I just spent the last week with my family on the beach in Florida reflecting on last year, celebrating my victories and learned from my mistakes. My heart was filled with gratitude for all my teachers, coaches, friends and family. 

Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions: 

What went well this past year? 

What accomplishments am I proud of? 

What served me?

What goals did I reach or even far surpass? 

Where do I plan to make time for myself?

Now ask yourself these questions: 

What did not go well last year? 

What did not serve me? 

What will I leave behind in 2016? 

What did I learn from these events? 

The latter list is not meant for you to feel bad about yourself for all the things that did not go well, but rather to act as a lesson to leave those things behind and move forward. 

Often times with the beginning of a new year people find themselves wanting to make changes in their lives. They have been wanting to move forward for weeks, months or even years, but for some reason or another have struggled to do so. Sound familiar?

Here are a few tips for helping you achieve those goals. 

Write down your goals

Writing down your goals is super important when setting goals. It not only helps you remember what your goals are, but why you want to achieve them. I do this all the time. Even though I have some pretty ambitious goals for 2017, there are still a lot of smaller goals that are equally as important and will slip my mind if I do not commit them to paper. Go grab your pen and paper now!


Set SMART Goals
It is important that the goals are SMART. SMART goals can help provide clarity, focus, motivation and accountability. This is one of the first things I learned while training to be a coach and I found it extremely useful.  

Specific-What do I want? Why do I want it? How will I get there? Be as specific as possible.

Measurable-  How will I know when I have achieved my goal? How much? How many?

Achievable- How realistic is the goal? Do not set the bar too high or too low. 

Realistic- Does this goal make sense for me? Is it in line with other goals I have set?

Time bound- By when? Next week? Next month? You should have a time limit to help create a sense of urgency while helping you with time management.

Change or update goals as needed

Just like yoga, if you practice,  change can be fluid and dynamic. If this is the case, you may need to tweak your goals as needed or add/delete some of them as you progress. Remember they are not super rigid and set in stone. This does not mean that you can decide a goal is too hard and just not do it, but rather recognize that perhaps the goal is no longer relevant or may need updating. Make sense?



How does it feel to have achieved your goal? Imagine it in your mind, feel it in your body, act as though it has already happened. Enjoy the feeling of bliss from reaching your goal. Thank the universe for helping you reach your goal. 

The law of attraction states that whatever you put out to the universe, good or bad, comes back to you.  Gabrielle Bernstein says in her book The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear into Faith, "the stories we project on our internal movie screens (our mind) become the experiences we perceive to be our reality". Powerful huh! This is also really exciting because it gives us the power to literally CREATE OUR DESIRED REALITY!!!! 

Sign me up for that please!

A great way to visualize is to create a vision board. For those of you not familiar with a vision board, it is a way to organize whatever goals or things you want to create in your life (travel, jobs, feelings, house, love,) in your life in the upcoming year via pictures, magazine clippings, etc on a poster or cork board. Think of it as a collage for your dreams. You can make a night out of it. I even got my husband to join! 

Put it in a place where you will see it often, like your office or your living room. The idea is that every time you look at your vision board you are doing mini visualizations throughout the day. I had a male coaching client tell me he was super into it even though he thought it was more of a "girl thing". He and his wife opened their own business less than a year ago and are absolutely killing it! 

Also, placing notes around the house, on your mirror and your computer can help you remember what your goals are throughout the day.


Accountability Partner

When you are trying to make a change, such as exercise more or lose weight, having a partner can help you achieve your goals quicker and reduce the opportunities for making excuses. Plus, most likely the partner is either a spouse, partner or a friend, and let's face it, you do not intentionally want to let them down, right?

My husband helps keep me on track when the temptation to buy yet another unnecessary pair of yoga pants arises or when I want to make a poor food choice. (Yes, it happens to all of us!) It can also be a great way to grow closer as a couple or friends as you both need each other. Just saying!


Hopefully these tips help you jumpstart some of the changes you want to make this year. If you feel you could use extra support, then you should seriously join my group coaching program starting January 11th!!!! To register, email me at