Cake or Kale?

What do an icy driveway and New Year's Resolutions have in common?  Answer:  It's best to chip away at them. I cannot take credit for this joke, however, I saw value in the message and wanted to share it with you.

We are now a little over a month into the New Year. Did you set any resolutions? How are you doing with them?

I don’t know about you, but I find a New Year a great time to set new intentions. This year I decided I wanted to do a better job with sugar. Truth is, I am addicted to it! I have always loved dessert, and was never one to turn it down, but even as a life and wellness coach I still have moments when I crave it. No Bueno!

I consider myself to be a super healthy eater. I try to eat organic, local, wild caught and free range because what I put in my body matters to me. I feel at my best, physically and emotionally when I eat mostly veggies, meat and the occasional grain. However, I also have my moments, when I am craving something sweet or salty. I usually don’t buy them so when the craving hits I drink water instead telling myself I am just thirsty. When I can’t trick the craving away I begin to tear the cabinets apart to see what I can find. You all know the feeling!

However, there are times when I decide that I want those types of foods and I buy a bag of red hot blues tortilla chips or my husband decides to come home with girl-scout cookies. Now I know there is nothing healthy in those damn things and they are certainly not organic, yet if it is near my period, I’m screwed. I can’t say no. Not only can I not say no, but I end up eating a ton of them and feel like crap. Sometimes I just need to do it and think I deserve to eat something unhealthy. It’s funny because I say treat myself, but is sugar and salt really a treat?  

I have this internal battle about why it’s a bad choice and why I shouldn’t eat it. It’s like having a food devil on one shoulder that gives me permission to indulge and an angel on the other that lays on the guilt. I end up feeling super guilty and don’t even enjoy the moment, because I’m thinking about how much sugar I’m eating or how I’m going to feel like shit after.

And to make matters worse, sometimes a few handfuls of chips turns into the whole damn bag. While my intention is to only have a few, if I am distracted and not eating mindfully that is not the case. At least they are organic chips so that’s better right?


I share this because the struggle is real folks!    


I have been practicing non judgement and acceptance in my eating this past month and it has really helped me see things more clearly.  Once I make the decision that I am going to indulge, I give myself permission to enjoy the moment and I don’t look back. I‘m able to be fully present and enjoy whatever deliciousness is in front of me, then sit back feeling full in my stretchy yoga pants.

Of course I still have moments where I struggle with guilt over my food choices. This is another place where my perfectionist tendencies show up. Having that self awareness is useful when I don’t have time to make a healthy meal, I can accept I’m a busy woman and can’t do it all. 

Life is short! There is enough room in this world for kale and dessert too! Remember at the end of the day life is all about balance. As long as you are eating healthy most the the time, a few unhealthy snacks will not kill you.

If that is not the case, then start today and make one small change in your diet. Eat a green vegetable instead of a potato or bread. Every journey begins with the first step! Stay tuned for more on this in another post!

Can you relate to this inner food struggle? I would love to hear your thoughts and any comments you have. We are all in this together after all.