Self Care

Self care. This is a term that you have probably heard a million times, but what does it even really mean?

Self care means taking care of yourself, every day, no exceptions! 

Let me be super clear from the beginning. Self care is not a luxury, nor is it selfish.


It is non-negotiable!!! 


It is doing something that nourishes your body, mind and soul. Too many of us are always going, going, going, taking on too much and packing our schedules with things to do and people to see. Making sure everyone else’s needs are met but your own. 


This is exhausting! 


Your energy reserves will only last so long and if you don’t integrate activities that will recharge that energy over time you will start to feel exhausted, short tempered, and find that your relationships suffer and your productivity at work will decrease. 


Instead of doing a few things well, you half-ass everything you do because you're simply spread too thin.


Stop and ask yourself what really nourishes you? Not surface nourishment like a mani/pedi, although those are nice and definitely a treat, we are talking about something that has lasting effects on your overall health and wellbeing. 


Here are a few suggestions:



Being in nature


Taking a quiet bath



Creating- painting, drawing, play music



Next, take look at your typical daily routine. Where might you fit in time for yourself? Perhaps you love the morning and find waking up early to be a sacred time for yourself. For others, you would rather stick a needle in your eye than get out of bed any earlier than you absolutely have to. So, you might be better off finding time during a lunch break or in the evening.


Once you know what time works best for yourself, start blocking off your calendar.

This is crucial!

If it is not on the calendar it will not get done. This is just a fact. Once it's on the calendar do NOT delete it or reschedule it. Treat it like you would treat a mandatory work meeting. Non-negotiable, must be there no matter what, cannot cancel!!!

It might sound a little extreme, but the reality is when we need more time in our day the first thing we cut is our "me time".


Do a little experiment. Take a look at your life now and what you are doing for yourself. Begin to notice how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Look at your relationships with your family, your spouse, your coworkers.

Now, look at your productivity at work.

Do you feel like you're killing it and are super successful or could you be doing a better job if only you had more time and energy?


Then schedule self care time in your calendar and stick to it. Notice how you begin to feel as you make yourself a priority. You may notice you sleep better, have more energy, feel less stressed and short tempered and feel more productive.


At the end of the day the question isn’t "can I afford to make time for myself, it’s can I afford NOT to make time for myself"?


I would love to hear from you about your self care routine and the impact it's having on your life.


Ready to create a self care routine, but have no idea where to start?

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