As Valentine’s Day approaches, regardless of your feelings about it, it serves as a GREAT reminder to be grateful for those you love. 


We are always so busy with all the responsibilities in our lives, but it is so important that we slow down enough to make time for those we love. In the end, we will not remember all the hours worked,  we will remember the memories of being with our husbands, wives or partners. No one ever said they wish they worked more and spent less time with their family. 


Quite the opposite.


My intention for writing this is to serve as a reminder for you all, myself included, that despite our goals in life, part of our self care routine needs to include spending time with and nurturing the relationships in our lives. They do not just thrive automatically, they take work, attention and love.


Your children will grow up and leave the house.


You will retire from your job.


Many aspects of your life ebb and flow, but don’t make your relationship one of them.


Take a moment to ask yourself are you really nurturing your relationship(s) or do you take them for granted and assume they will always be there? This is not meant to be make you feel guilty if you do, but simply to help you notice. From there, begin to paint a picture of what you would like your relationship to look like. What would you say? How would you act? What makes you feel loved? Do you know what makes your partner feel loved? Not sure, keep reading.