Self Care

Self Care

Self care. This is a term that you have probably heard a million times, but what does it even really mean?

Self care means taking care of yourself, every day, no exceptions! 

Let me be super clear from the beginning. Self care is not a luxury, nor is it selfish.


It is non-negotiable!!! 


It is doing something that nourishes your body, mind and soul. Too many of us are always going, going, going, taking on too much and packing our schedules with things to do and people to see. Making sure everyone else’s needs are met but your own. 


This is exhausting! 


Your energy reserves will only last so long and if you don’t integrate activities that will recharge that energy over time you will start to feel exhausted, short tempered, and find that your relationships suffer and your productivity at work will decrease. 


Instead of doing a few things well, you half-ass everything you do because you're simply spread too thin.



Are you losing your mind?

Are you losing your mind?

The weather in Boston has been like a freaking rollercoaster.

A few weeks ago I was out walking enjoying the 70 degree day looking at buds on the trees and beautiful purple and yellow flowers blooming from the ground and then it snowed. Gotta love New England weather!

Seriously though, I felt such a strong pull towards the future warmth that comes with spring, yet I was pulled back to the present moment when it was 30 degrees and the snow was falling. This is something I have been working on my entire adult life. I think most people can relate to this. We are always so busy running around with our to-do lists, making plans and focusing on the future that we don’t realize life is passing us by. 

How many times have you mindlessly inhaled your food because you were so hungry? Or you arrived at your destination and don’t even remember the drive? We are constantly living on auto-pilot. While this works for a lot of folks, over time it is simply not sustainable.

Enter mindfulness.



Meditate Your Way Through The Holidays

Meditate Your Way Through The Holidays

As I sit here writing this there is a light snow falling outside. How fitting for a December Newsletter!  I know some of you do not love the idea of winter, the coldness, dryness, and the snow. However, I challenge you to find something positive about it. For me, I love to sit outside during a snowstorm, preferably at night when the sky has a beautiful purple hew, listening to the sounds of nature. There is something so calming and peaceful about the stillness, how the earth settles and nestles in as the snow quietly falls.

It is from that stillness that a natural desire to go inwards occurs. Simply sitting comfortably with the eyes closed, slowing the breathing and focusing on the present can have a deeply relaxing and calming effect. Research shows that meditation can help improve stress, anxiety, sleep and irritability*.

Whether you are a regular meditator, have never tried it, or are somewhere in between, I want to offer you a simple meditation to help you stay connected to yourself and feel grounded as you move into the holiday season. While the holidays can bring about a lot of excitement, they can also be very overstimulating and stressful. Try this whenever you are feeling stressed or a little disconnected, or even better, practice it daily for overall wellness. Similar to maintaining your car, your mind and spirit needs maintenance as well.