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How to Close Out 2017 With a Bang

How to Close Out 2017 With a Bang

For some people the end of the year can feel like a total relief while others often feel stressed because they didn’t achieve enough. Whatever your feelings are, let me suggest you stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Just be with yourself and your feelings for a moment, even if it’s uncomfortable.


Whether you are going for the final push or are taking the rest of the year off, notice what you need. It’s ok to turn off the auto pilot. Allow yourself time to slow down and really check in with your physical, emotional and energetic body. 

Setting Goals for 2017

Setting Goals for 2017

Happy New Year! 

Whenever a year comes to an end it provides us the perfect opportunity for reflection. I just spent the last week with my family on the beach in Florida reflecting on last year, celebrating my victories and learned from my mistakes. My heart was filled with gratitude for all my teachers, coaches, friends and family. 

Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions: 

What went well this past year? 

What accomplishments am I proud of? 

What served me?

What goals did I reach or even far surpass? 

Where do I plan to make time for myself?

Now ask yourself these questions: 

What did not go well last year? 

What did not serve me? 

What will I leave behind in 2016? 

What did I learn from these events? 

The latter list is not meant for you to feel bad about yourself for all the things that did not go well, but rather to act as a lesson to leave those things behind and move forward. 

Often times with the beginning of a new year people find themselves wanting to make changes in their lives. They have been wanting to move forward for weeks, months or even years, but for some reason or another have struggled to do so. Sound familiar?

Here are a few tips for helping you achieve those goals. 

Fighting the pull towards perfectionism

Fighting the pull towards perfectionism

My name is Kathryn and I am a perfectionist! There, I said it. It’s funny because I never realized it until I became a life coach and started my own business. I found myself wanting to share my insights, thoughts and struggles, but was holding back out of fear it was not good enough, or well, perfect. I have been working on this with my own coach as I strongly believe in the power of coaching or I would not be one!


We explored what was holding me back and I realized that I often want things to be perfect and if they are not, I either stress about them for what feels like forever or I don’t take any action. I quickly learned not taking action as a business owner was getting me nowhere and even though it felt scary, it was necessary to grow, learn and be successful.


I got to wondering, why did I have this need for perfection? What was I really afraid of? Then it hit me, I was scared of being vulnerable and putting myself out there. Sound familiar?