Why Having a Morning Routine is so Important

Why Having a Morning Routine is so Important

Today I want to talk about the importance of having a routine, specifically a morning routine. Yes, even those of you that are NOT morning people!

While waking up any earlier than you absolutely have to may sound very unappealing, the reality is that is where the magic happens. Stay with me!

Studies have shown that people that wake up earlier:

-Are better planners

-Are more successful (many wealthy people are early risers- true story!)

- More optimistic, agreeable and are happier

-Sleep better (having a routine coincides with your natural circadian rhythms)

Early mornings can be a very spiritual and productive time. When you wake up you are already more connected to your true self making this an ideal time to meditate, breath, pray, whatever you are comfortable calling it. I suggest getting out of bed WITHOUT looking at your phone (yes, this is possible;) Otherwise, you will be pulled further from yourself towards the distractions of social media, checking email, or looking at your to-do list.