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Nutrition Is Self Care

Nutrition Is Self Care

When you hear the term self care what comes to mind? Massages, spas and pampering? Perhaps, but it is so much more than that. While all of the those activities are an act of self care, those are merely surface activities. I define self care as actions and ways of being and habits that support your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. According to google, it’s “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health” and “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own wellbeing and happiness, in particular during times of stress”.

In a nutshell it’s learning what you need to live a happy, healthy life and sustainable career or business, then prioritizing those activities by acting on them regularly. I like to think of self care like a wheel and it is divided up into various aspects. Today I want to focus specifically on nutrition.

Understanding more about the foods you eat, why you choose them and how they make you feel are worth exploring. I asked a question on Facebook last week, “what is most important when choosing food, is it for nutrition/energy, emotions, cravings or cost”? Nutrition and energy were the least popular choices. Fascinating! While food is something we need to survive, like the gas to a car, it isn’t that simple.

Why what you eat matters.



As Valentine’s Day approaches, regardless of your feelings about it, it serves as a GREAT reminder to be grateful for those you love. 


We are always so busy with all the responsibilities in our lives, but it is so important that we slow down enough to make time for those we love. In the end, we will not remember all the hours worked,  we will remember the memories of being with our husbands, wives or partners. No one ever said they wish they worked more and spent less time with their family. 


Quite the opposite.


My intention for writing this is to serve as a reminder for you all, myself included, that despite our goals in life, part of our self care routine needs to include spending time with and nurturing the relationships in our lives. They do not just thrive automatically, they take work, attention and love.


Your children will grow up and leave the house.


You will retire from your job.


Many aspects of your life ebb and flow, but don’t make your relationship one of them.


Take a moment to ask yourself are you really nurturing your relationship(s) or do you take them for granted and assume they will always be there? This is not meant to be make you feel guilty if you do, but simply to help you notice. From there, begin to paint a picture of what you would like your relationship to look like. What would you say? How would you act? What makes you feel loved? Do you know what makes your partner feel loved? Not sure, keep reading.

Understanding Your Energy Cycles And How It Can Improve Your Life

Understanding Your Energy Cycles And How It Can Improve Your Life

I don’t know about you, but lately with all this rain and grayness I have found it difficult to motivate. Being the coach and total analyzer that I am, I began to think more about it. 


Why does this happen? 


Where does it come from? 


As I began to dive deep, I realized this has been the case for many years. This has been my pattern. I often find myself having these energy cycles that coincide with the weather and the seasons. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, I am highly energized, motivated and ready to take on the world. I find it so much easier to make time for my self-care because the weather is beautiful and I naturally want to be outside, exercising and moving my body. I gravitate towards lighter meals like salads, chicken and veggies on the grill. I love to network and meet new people.

As the weather begins to cool and the leaves change here in New England, I start to notice my energy shifting slightly, slowing down a little. I still feel motivated, yet my body knows change is near. On the days it is crisp and sunny, I want to be outside, exercising and soaking up as much sunlight as I can knowing those days are limited. On the days it is cool and rainy, I tend to begin turning inwards, backing away from the raw foods and lean towards warmer, cooked meals. My networking and socializing slows down some and I begin taking more time for myself.


Self Care

Self Care

Self care. This is a term that you have probably heard a million times, but what does it even really mean?

Self care means taking care of yourself, every day, no exceptions! 

Let me be super clear from the beginning. Self care is not a luxury, nor is it selfish.


It is non-negotiable!!! 


It is doing something that nourishes your body, mind and soul. Too many of us are always going, going, going, taking on too much and packing our schedules with things to do and people to see. Making sure everyone else’s needs are met but your own. 


This is exhausting! 


Your energy reserves will only last so long and if you don’t integrate activities that will recharge that energy over time you will start to feel exhausted, short tempered, and find that your relationships suffer and your productivity at work will decrease. 


Instead of doing a few things well, you half-ass everything you do because you're simply spread too thin.



Are you losing your mind?

Are you losing your mind?

The weather in Boston has been like a freaking rollercoaster.

A few weeks ago I was out walking enjoying the 70 degree day looking at buds on the trees and beautiful purple and yellow flowers blooming from the ground and then it snowed. Gotta love New England weather!

Seriously though, I felt such a strong pull towards the future warmth that comes with spring, yet I was pulled back to the present moment when it was 30 degrees and the snow was falling. This is something I have been working on my entire adult life. I think most people can relate to this. We are always so busy running around with our to-do lists, making plans and focusing on the future that we don’t realize life is passing us by. 

How many times have you mindlessly inhaled your food because you were so hungry? Or you arrived at your destination and don’t even remember the drive? We are constantly living on auto-pilot. While this works for a lot of folks, over time it is simply not sustainable.

Enter mindfulness.