Be happy, healthy, successful


A Holistic Approach To Restoring Balance In Your Life


Does this sound like you?

  • You lack confidence

  • You’re afraid people will judge you

  • You’re scared you’ll fail if you try something new

  • You lack clarity in your life

  • You feel unfulfilled in your career

  • You want a better work/life balance

  • You want to love yourself and your body

  • You want to learn to manage your energy and have some left for YOU!

  • You want to create healthier habits

If so, you came to the right place. I’ll help you:

  • Increase your confidence 

  • Help you uncover what you really want in life, personally and professionally

  • Feel fulfilled and like you are making a difference with your career

  • Create a healthier work/life balance

  • Fall in love with yourself and your body

  • Learn to put yourself first BEFORE everyone else

  • Practice shifting your self talk to non-judgement, acceptance and self love

  • Create healthier habits

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Here’s what a few of my clients have to say. 

Kathryn was everything I could have asked for and more. She has an amazing ability to listen and ask thought provoking questions in a way that really forced me to sit and think deeply. Her fun, easy going nature made her so easy to talk to. She is really relatable, having gone through and continuing to go through a lot of the same struggles as me/her clients, which is was led her to become a life coach in the first place. She practices what she preaches and is so authentic. It is clear how passionate she is about what she does, and that she cares deeply about the health and well being of her clients. Kathryn is such a beautiful soul and I am so grateful for the life coach experience we had together.”

Carly Arico, Wilmington, MA


“I think Kathryn is very gifted in what she does. She's relatable, smart, insightful and very intuitive. Her tone with me was always warm yet constructive and I really appreciated that about her. She encouraged my great thoughts and swept away my negative. She also did a great job at bringing up different things I had mentioned in the past to see if they still applied today so I could always gain perspective on my progress and evolution during our sessions.

I gained a clear perspective on how life is always a work in progress. My expectations were so unrealistic before we kicked off our sessions. I thought I'd have everything figured out by the end of our 6 months time, but that is not the case. Life is always a work in progress and what I gained was the ability to acknowledge that and take the pressure off of needing to feel like I need to have it all figured out.”

Erjona Van Dyke, Charlestown, MA


Life Coaching

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Essential Oils

A natural approach to restoring you and your family’s physical and emotional health.



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Kathryn is fun, easy to talk to, and very passionate about helping others. She's fantastic at helping you get to the root of any issue and is genuinely interested in the health and well-being of her clients. No matter what the reason, don't think twice - you'll be happy you did!

~ Rebecca M. New Haven, CT.

About Kathryn

Like many of her clients, Kathryn was seeking relief from the stress and exhaustion of every day life. As a result of the high intensity of hospital nursing, Kathryn began to feel physically and emotionally depleted and suffered from burn out.


She was determined to heal herself, and dedicated to living a life in touch with her values of living a more balanced and authentic life.


Applying her knowledge as a registered nurse,  yoga practitioner and use of essential oils, Kathryn successfully healed herself from burn out. This experience was so personally transforming, Kathryn knew she must share this gift by connecting with others. From there, it became her mission to help empower others to feel happier, healthier and more confident.