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The Stop Surviving, Start Thriving Group Coaching Program is a 6-week container for women who are craving time and space to practice self-care, learn life-altering self care techniques, and be part of a community of women ready to step into their full potential.



Stop surviving, start Thriving is for you if you:

Feel lonely even though you are not alone

Feel isolated

Are overwhelmed 

Are spread too thin

Feel like you have no time or energy left for yourself

Feel totally unbalanced 

Are lacking community

Lack time for self care

Lack the resources 

Lack the confidence

Feel guilty every time you think about spending time, money or energy for yourself


Do you want to stop living life for other people, and begin to prioritize yourself?

Do you want to feel energized and balanced?

do you want to be part of a community that understands and supports you?


What to expect from Stop Surviving, Start Thriving

Women who participate in this program will:

no longer feel isolated and without community

feel more balanced and in control of their time and energy

have an array of tools to facilitate self care

will be well-versed in the pillars of self care and have practical tools to put them into action

will be better able to prioritize themselves with less guilt


Are you ready to stop surviving and to start thriving?

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