Lynn Chabot

Nurse Manager

Barrington, NH

My overall goal was to love myself more with a scattered array of goals inside of that. I am so much happier but throughout time some goals became unimportant while other things I hadn’t thought of surfaced as subjects that impacted my self thoughts significantly. 

I went into this with an open mind. This was something well outside my comfort zone. I thought I would hear all the things I know already about myself. For instance, if you’re not happy.....change, but I was thrilled to find that that’s not what my time with Kathryn would be about. Kathryn was there to help me look at things differently. Ways that make me either want to change or be happy with where I am. 

My favorite conversation by far was about diets. She asked why I had to do this diet, and I said cause it’s worked before. But, just because it was a match for me before doesn’t mean that it is now. Really great advise for an “all in” or “all out” dieter!

I love the way our discussions always went. I don’t know how she did it but Kathryn always led me to what was bothering me. Often, I didn’t even know it was an issue until mid conversation. 

I hope to work with Kathryn again soon.

Erjona Van Dyke

Top Sales Representative

Charlestown, MA

I think Kathryn is very gifted in what she does. She's relatable, smart, insightful and very intuitive. Kathryn was always intentional and insightful during our time together. She was warm yet constructive when she needed to be and did a wonderful job guiding my thoughts to positive and optimistic spaces. I am so happy to have worked with her. She is exercise for the brain. I felt so mentally euphoric and ready to seize the day after each one of our sessions. 

I'm walking away with the ability to process my thoughts in a more creative way and to not think so linearly about what my options are when I'm stuck in a situation I don't enjoy. Also, the ability to acknowledge all parts of me and know that they all serve an important purpose, but with that, being able to tune out certain parts of me that don't serve me in some situations.

Kathryn was my inner kinder voice that I needed to hear. Our dialogue helped enhance my experiences in life because I constantly now ask myself "What would Kathryn tell me to do?" She has been so supportive and warm and has provided so much guidance specifically in the area of job searching.

Thank you Kathryn!!

Pamela Johnson Lewerenz

Business & Accountability Coach

Myrtle Beach, SC

I spent three months working with Kathryn on issues surrounding money blocks and self-care.  Kathryn gave me everything she promised and did it in a way that was extremely supportive.  I felt Kathryn truly cared about my issues, my progress, and the struggles I was having.  She was 100% present during our sessions and guided me perfectly through my distractions and issues.  Kathryn was so easy to talk to, gave me suggestions when asked, and was genuinely interested in helping me.  Our sessions flew by and, at the end of each one, I had clear direction on where I was and where I was headed.  Kathryn is knowledgeable, gentle, kind, positive, and nurturing. I love her holistic approach and she was just the person I needed to help me on my journey of balancing work & life.  She is a gem of a coach & I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs to gain clarity around limiting beliefs that are holding them back from being the best that they can be!

 Patty Boyd

Volunteer at Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg, VA

Deciding to downsize to a smaller house had left me feeling overwhelmed and anxious, so I decided to work with Kathryn. Working with her was positive and productive, because she encouraged me to use my decision-making skills. Due to her patient and supportive coaching style; I was able to create a personal long-term plan for clutter reduction. As the coaching sessions progressed with Kathryn, I began to feel more in control of my life, calmer, and less anxious.  Working with Kathryn was very a worthwhile investment, and I recommend her whole-heartedly. It was a great experience!

Janet Dobosh

Accountant & Rodan and Field’s Consultant

Framingham, MA

When I first started working with Kathryn, she mentioned that coaching often takes a path you don’t necessarily expect on day 1. And in my experience with her, that’s exactly what happened. I accomplished so much personal growth and healing during our time together. I started out with one goal but ended up learning so much more about myself than I expected. And I learned how to take care of ME! ...arguably the most important challenge I faced...although I didn’t know it. In fact, before working with Kathryn, I didn’t even know how stressed I was. And I certainly wasn’t taking the actions (or often in my case the inactions) to alleviate it!

It’s amazing how much a gentle, kind, wise, and focused guide can help you become a better version of you. 

Thank you Kathryn! ❤️ 

Mike James

Spa Owner & Top Sales Representative

Boston, MA

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be coached by Kathryn. She has an amazing ability to listen, and ask thoughtful questions. The topics we discussed were very difficult, but she made it extremely easy to work towards positive change. Thank you Kathryn! I hope many more have the opportunity to work with you!

Kathryn was more than I could’ve asked for in a coach! She has a way of presenting thought provoking questions worded in such a way that it forced me to actually sit, think, and to do the work involved! She didn’t metaphorically “hold my hand” through each session. Instead, each week Kathryn brought forth new challenges for me to work through, and she was able (and had the patience) to get me to understand both the how and the why for each exercise, and that is what I feel actually made it stick. Thank you again Kathryn!


Brian Aldred


Newton, MA