Patty. B

Virginia Beach, VA

“Deciding to downsize to a smaller house had left me feeling overwhelmed and anxious, so I decided to work with Kathryn. Working with her was positive and productive, because she encouraged me to use my decision-making skills. Due to her patient and supportive coaching style; I was able to create a personal long-term plan for clutter reduction. As the coaching sessions progressed with Kathryn, I began to feel more in control of my life, calmer, and less anxious.  Working with Kathryn was very a worthwhile investment, and I recommend her whole-heartedly. It was a great experience!”


Janet D.

Framingham, MA

“I Had Several Sessions With Kathryn...VERY HELPFUL! She Was Always Patient With My Indecisiveness And Always Seemed To Ask The Right Questions To Help Me Focus And Steer Me In The Right Direction. She Gave Helpful Tips And Suggested Ways To Practice What We Talked About (Although This Never Felt Like A "Job" Or An Obligation). I Highly Recommend Kathryn And Think She Can Change Your Life If You're Open To It.”


Mike J.

Boston, MA

"I Am So Thankful To Have Had The Opportunity To Be Coached By Kathryn. She Has A Amazing Ability To Listen, And Ask Thoughtful Questions. The Topics We Discussed Were Very Difficult, But She Made It Extremely Easy To Work Towards Positive Change. Thank You Kathryn! I Hope Many More Have The Opportunity To Work With You!"

“Kathryn was more than I could’ve asked for in a coach! She has a way of presenting thought provoking questions worded in such a way that it forced me to actually sit, think, and to do the work involved! She didn’t metaphorically “hold my hand” through each session. Instead, each week Kathryn brought forth new challenges for me to work through, and she was able (and had the patience) to get me to understand both the how and the why for each exercise, and that is what I feel actually made it stick. Thank you again Kathryn!”


Brian A.

Newton, MA